Monday, 22 August 2011

Maths Paper 23 Aug 2011

Dear darlings,
For the Maths Paper tomorrow, remember to bring your CAREFUL friend with you. Be meticulous in your checking. Ensure that ALL questions are attempted and workings are all shown. Please do not ASSUME the markers can read your mind if you do not show your workings.

Legible handwriting is crucial! Shi Jia, Yong Sheng, Surend, Aik Chong, Andrea, Zhi Qing, Ray, Wei Chen, Khoon Kiat, Wang Yao, please be EXTRA careful with your handwriting!

Calculators, set squares, Protractor, ruler and general stationeries must be with you in school.

For questions that requires rounding off, look carefully and round off carefully. For circles using pi, round off at the last step otherwise your answer will be affected. READ your questions with care.

Meanwhile, for your English paper, there are a few children who did not perform as well as expected. Please pull up your socks. Below are the few names that I could recall:

Heng Aik Chong
Kok Jin Jie
Tan Khoon Kiat
Liauw Yong Sheng
Liu Fan

Please ensure you do well for the rest of your papers, otherwise, your aggregate total will be affected.
As I always mentioned and repeated, no one subject is less or more important than another. They are ALL equally important as they carry the same weightings.

Last but not least, School bags! Bring a small bag.
-Your recess will be at 9am. You should finish the Paper 2 by 12pm. So you only bring your Science stuff.
- Place your school bag neatly in two rows outside the classroom.

Most importantly for tomorrow, READ your questions carefully and be at your best behaviour. Your future is in your hands.

Love you,
Aunty Loh Soh Mah

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