Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Last Minute advice

Dear darlings,
For those who are in the first session, remember to report by 7.10am. Please inform your parents that you will be kept in the auditorium after your oral till around 10 plus. Latest by 10.30am you will be dismissed.
Bring your foolscap and pencil case.

For those in the second half, your reporting time is by 9.30am. After the oral, you will head straight home.

Look through those oral practices you had and go through them once and do make use of good phrases  for your picture discussion. If possible, do try to see if you can link up the discussion with our STAR values, meaning you can say that if the boy had self-discipline, he would not be burning midnight oil to prepare for his examinations. He is imposing unnecessary stress on himself.

During your preparation time tomorrow, do go through in your mind how you are going to respond in the conversation component. Understand the question and if not clear, politely ask the examiner to repeat,
" Could you repeat the question?"
Think through carefully and not be narrow minded in your interpretation of the question, like the word "neighbour", you know what I mean?

Key word : ENGAGE your examiners. LOOK at the examiners during the conversation, not at your question paper. Maintain eye contact! Put on a smile :)
OPen your mouth to read. Read clearly and be audible, don't mumble.
Take note of your posture. NO FRIED FOOD! NO SPICY FOOD!

Introduce yourself : I am _________, my index number is __________.
May I take a seat? (Maintain eye contact!)

You have come so far, waiting for this day. Give it your BEST SHOT!

Spiritually with you,
Mrs Love you dearly...

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