Thursday, 18 August 2011

Oral Day 1

Dear Darlings,
How's the Oral for Day 1 ? For those having the English Component, was it easy? Were you able to describe the picture? Conversation? Were you able to engage the examiners? I hope everything went on smoothly. How about the Mother Tongue Component?

Post your comments.

Stay composed and look confident for the oral tomorrow. Continue to give it your best shot. All the best for tomorrow.

After that, concentrate to prepare for your Prelim for next week.

On Monday, please do not bring a big heavy bag to school. Have a small bag with ALL the necessary stationery in your pencil case, a story book. You will be having examination for the whole day, there will not be time for much teaching. Bring your secret recipe and good attitude and your CAREFUL friend.

Prelim is important as it tells you how well prepared you are for your PSLE.

Love you always,
Mrs Mak


  1. Yeah,it's OK. The oral is about animals.(I thought your conversation example is the PLSE one![the pets' one])

  2. Yeah, it was ok. The reading passage and the picture discussion was about pets, whereas the conversation was about 'your trip at the zoo'. It was quite easy to talk about.

  3. Yeah it is ok but i am not confident of getting high marks for conversation as I thought it was about pets like " Have you had a pet before" or something like that. I was shocked to get a topic like the zoo but I personally think ithe conversation is ok... :)
    I am more confident for Mother Tongue...
    HoPe EvErYoNe Do WeLl FoR pReLiM aNd PSLE!

  4. The oral was quite easy. The picture discussion and reading passage were about pets. But the conversation topic (Which i had expected to be about pets) was actuactually about the zoo. I was quite shocked but all in all i thought i did quite well. (:

  5. easy=every student know how to do=:(
    [Mrs Mak said hard paper means good news]

  6. The English oral was easier than I had expected. The picture discussion and reading passage were about pets,thus I had expected the conversation topic to be about pets. However, the conversation topic was actually about the zoo. I was quite surprised and was stunned for a while. However, in all, I think I did quite well. :P

  7. It was okay for me. I was stunned when they asked about a trip at the zoo. I thought it would be about pets. I think I did better than usual. I am not so confident that I would score...

  8. It was okay.Yeah I was stunned too, as the conversation was a 'twist'.I thought the question was going to be something like: Do you want to own a pet?(something like that). The picture discussion and the reading passage was about pets.In all, I think i had done much better than usual.

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  10. Overall,I think that I did quite well. The picture was suprisingly easier than what I had expected.Though many were shocked when they was asked about zoo for conversation,I was not shocked as I knew that they wanted us to talk more about other animals and not only those that can be kept as pets.In all, I know that I had tried my best and I know that this was much better than my usual oral pratices.

    Signing off,

  11. It was shocking to realize that the conversation topic was about a zoo.I felt that I have done my best and I hope that it would be a good result.I also think that I have done relatively better than the usual practices.
    Pei xuan