Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Oral examinations

Dear Darlings,
Please stay focused and give the best of yourself in this coming Oral examinations.

Nobody can make you do what you can do best, only yourself.

Do not allow yourself to be short changed by your poor attitude. You must continue to be a fighter and the urge to fight for a place in the better schools must always be your driving force.

What you need to know has been taught to you. It is then your chance to show off your application skills now to the examiners what know and are capable of  doing better.

Nobody is born to fail. With perseverance and resilience, we will see success.

For Oral, remember that the examiners are here to give you marks, not deduct marks.
Please go and get the marks by doing what you can do best - Talk!

Show off your skills by engaging in intelligent conversation with the examiners. Look confident and leave a good impression with your well thought through answers.

Love you always,
Mrs Mak

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