Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Racial Harmony Day

Dear all,
Please go to P6-8's blogspot to view the clips prepared by Mdm Toh on the ethnic fabric- sarong. It is very informative and you have to read it!

Everyone is expected to be in your ethnic costume.
This will be the last year you will be wearing your ethnic costume in PPS, make it a memorable one.

As the days for PSLE draws near, let's not forget that there are certain festivals, occasions, celebrations that are worth participating in. We must not forget our roots, of course you know what I mean.
The  next upcoming one will be the Latern Festival and hope to see you participating too!

Meanwhile, please help me solve the problem.

Remember the video shown by Mr Khamil this morning? Be a winner for yourself and you can count on the teachers in PPS to give you their best support.

Bear in mind that the PSLE journey is not meant to be completed by you alone. You have all the support - Your teachers, your parents, friends and yourself.  Let's race the last lap together and enjoy the fruit of your labour on 24 November 2011.

Love you always,
Mrs Mak

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