Saturday, 9 July 2011

Feedback on Post SA1 Whole Numbers worksheet

Dear darlings,
Re : Post SA1 Whole Numbers worksheet
The Post SA1 Whole numbers worksheet was not well attempted by most of you. On Monday, when you receive it, please try again using the "balloon method". I tried using the method and the working was minimized and with the model drawn correctly, the question became easy to solve. There were a few who remembered vividly how to use the algebra method which you have it in your secret recipe book. You can also refer to it.

While I am away on course on Monday,....
On Monday, during lesson, continue with the revision 2 exercise in the workbook.
I have yet to confirm with Mr Ho regarding the Supplementary class, so if he is not able to take your class for Supplementary, please stay in class to take the test for Prelim paper 4a. Setting should be like examination condition. Integerity my foundation. No calculators allowed. No communication amongst yourselves.

Noteworthy and Prelim Practice 3a Q11- Q18 to be in my locker on Monday morning.  
I am still waiting for Prelim Practice 3a Q1- Q10 from those who did not know they had to hand it in last Friday.

I was really happy to see Aik Chong's and Julius' Prelim 3a. Aik Chong and Julius, keep it up !
LYS, I am waiting for your Prelim 3a Q1-10 and your changed attitude....

I will be in school on Monday to pick up the homework. Please give me homework to mark....
Love you always,
Mrs Mak

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