Wednesday, 27 July 2011


Dear Darlings,
Your serving of appetiser is as follows:

1. A container weighs 14kg when it is filled with liquid A. The same container weighs 5 kg when it is filled with liquid B. If liquid A is 4 times as heavy as liquid B, what is the weight of the container?

2. Audrey and Benny had 44 marbles. Audrey and Collin had 52 marbles. The total number of marbles that Benny and Collin had was 56. How many marbles did they have altogether?

3. Mr Tan had 80 pens. He had 4 times as many pens as notebooks. After he had sold an equal number of each item, he had 7 times as many pens as notebooks left. How many of each item did he sell?

You should find these questions a breeze to solve.

Mrs Mak

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