Thursday, 15 September 2011


Dear all,

Tomorrow is your BIG DAY before your BIG BIG DAYs on 29 September.

Please be alert and listen ATTENTIVELY to the questions. As your are looking at the pictures or questions, do cast your eyes on the options as well. Some options can be very tricky, do NOT be tricked.

The narrator will repeat the script so listen to check your answer and don't rest on your laurels to think that you have given the correct answers. 20 marks is what you must aim for to get for the paper. You definitely can get as you have the gift of listening if you choose to pay attention.


Reporting time tomorrow : BY 8am

Remember your grouping : Jason, Vanessa, Braden - CL7 / EL7
                                         Jonessa to Zhi heng  - CL8 / EL 8
                                         Dina, Diyanah, Vikash - ML2 / EL 9

Exam should end ard 12.15pm. Make necessary transport arrangement.


Love you,
Mrs Mak


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