Wednesday, 28 September 2011


Dear Darlings,
I am finally home! Very tired...

For tomorrow, please be extra vigilant in reading your composition questions and take note of how you want to develop your stories. I am very confident that Mdm Madinah had gone through with you the tips on how to write a good composition. Stay focused and develop your story to capture your readers' attention.
Good phrases will definitely enhance your content.

For tonight, please rest well and be in bed by 9pm!

Have your breakfast and make sure you are at your best condition for examination.

All the best and aim for your STAR!

I would need those girls who helped me this morning in the hall to lend your hands to Mrs Lee to paste the labels on the chairs and park the chairs like you did. Jonessa, please help.... Thanks.

Be Kind to yourselves by giving yourselves the best...

Love you always,
Mrs Mak

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