Thursday, 29 September 2011

Maths paper tomorrow

Dear darlings,
How's the English paper today? Please post your comments!

For tomorrow, please read carefully and bring in your CAREFUL friend. However, don't be too careful that you lose track of time and have not time to complete the questions.

For Paper 1(Booklet A and Booklet B), it is meant for you to score. I have confident that all of you will be able to score.

For Paper 2, you must watch your time too. Remember what I said? If you are stuck for a while, circle the question and move on to the next. Check your answers and workings to minimise the chances of losing marks. This paper is meant for you to score at least a 52 marks.

How do I know? Remember I can predict? Ha! Ha!
What question will come out ? I don't know the exact questions but those concepts we learnt in class sure to come out!

Please revise your Primary 5 secret as well.

Remember to sleep early and have a good nite's rest and be ready to score tomorrow.

Livia, Julius, Vanessa, Zhi Qing - I am very sure my time spent on Saturdays with you are not wasted as you will give me my "result slip" to show me how well I have done. Please give me at least an A........*. I believe I deserve it !

Calculators - stickers please ask Mr K or Mrs Lee in the hall if you still did not receive them.

Set squares, protractor, rulers pencils, erasers, highlighters must all be ready in your pencil cases.

Models - use pencils to draw.

Handwriting - Be neat and legible.

Bring in all your sharpened "tools" to showcase your skills. You know what I mean?

If you think you can't solve a question, break it down and ask yourself quietly what variables are you given? What concept are you tested on?
I am sure you can solve part of the question in worse case scenario. Complete the 30 or 18 questions in Paper 1 and Paper 2 respectively.

Visualisation questions- remember the 4 golden rules?- Label, pull out, draw lines and cover to see big and small pictures.

Go and aim at the STAR tomorrow. I want to have the excuse to buy an expensive sunglasses to wear on 24 Nov. Please give me this opportunity!

Best wishes from your loving Mrs Mak.


  1. English - between Medium and Hard
    Maths - between Easy and Hard
    Mother Tongue - unknown(next week)
    Science - Unknown(next week)

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